MC Accessories Pochette & Pochette Bospheres

  1. This is my first time posting.. I am about to purchase my first LV.. :love:

    I am thinking to get both the MC Accessories Pochette & Pochette Bospheres. The Bospheres is because most of the time, I prefer hands-free kind of sling bag especially while shopping or when I run my errands .. hope someone can give me some ideas or opinion.. whether the Bospheres would be suitable .. I was choosing between Danube and Bospheres, but I thought the Bospheres has more space for my card holder, cellphone, lipstick, keys and PDA compared to the Danube.. and also my usual style of dressing is jeans and tees..

    As for the Accesories Pochette, my question is .. how much can it hold? I have not seen the real thing yet.. so I have no idea at all.. I just got the measurements and am trying to imagine it ... :confused1:

    Thanks guys !
  2. I can fit the following in my MC pochette:

    Mono Ludlow wallet
    *Very* small makeup case-non LV, about 4x3x0.5"
    LG Shine cell
    Mono Cles

    If you "tetris" your stuff you can fit quite a bit! Just have to keep it nice and organized.
  3. This isn't the MC Pochette, but you'll get the idea: Post #1986

    I think you'll make a great choice by selecting the Pochette Bosphore. :yes:
  4. Lol, that's me ¨^^^

    Like Czarina said: You have to keep everything organised and if you do it works really well. This isn't a bag for people with big wallets...