MbyMJ watches - am I too old?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I was wondering, as a 27 year-old, am I too old for something like this:



    I just fell in love with these MbyMJ watches recently, and was thinking about getting one of them, but worry that it's more appropriate for the "teenage" set. What do you guys think? I wear a lot of black and gray, and thought that they would be a cute "pop" to the outfits.
  2. These are really cute SuLi...even for a 27 year old :yes: .

    By the by, I'm 34 and just got one of the MbyMJ watches in black (shown in navy):


    I'm crazy about it! :wlae:
  3. suli, if it helps, my mom just bought the silver star & it looks really cute on her. not "too young" at all.

    personally, i think the colored fruit is a bit young....but the gold or silver would be perfect.
  4. where do they have these at?
  5. i don't think you're too old! it'll be cute!

    and nordy's sell MbyMJ watches as well as bloomies and certain boutiques.
  6. I don't think you're too old, especially if they go with your own personal style! I think the watches are way cute!
  7. You are NOT too old. I'm 30 (gulp) and have the apple necklace watch. I get compliments whenever I wear it. My wardrobe is fairly simple - lots of black (I'm a New Yorker), mostly solids and clean lines - the necklace adds a little fun.
  8. SuLi dear, you are NEVER too old for something you LOVE!! Get it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. SuLi, if you like it, get it! I'm sure it'll look darling on you.
  10. I love this watch! I've been eyeing the red one for a while but haven't made the jump yet... Lucky you!
  11. I have that pear in gold. I love it! (I'm 24.. I don't feel too old and I definitely don't think 27 is too old either!)
  12. I think those watch necklaces are adorable and fun. I definitely do not think that you are too old to wear them. They would add a little something to any outfit!! Let us know which one you decide to get. I saw these at Saks the other day. They are so cute!
  13. I'm 27 and I think they're adorable, especially for summer. I'm imagining one of those watches with a cute summery dress and sandals...and of course a hot MJ bag. :p I say go for it. I saw them at Nordstrom yesterday, super cute in person.
  14. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    I have the silver star and apple on hold at Nordies...will stop by tonight and decide. I'm leaning towards the star.

    I'll let you guys know what I end up choosing later!
  15. SuLi -- Which Nordie's are you going to? I noticed your in the same area as I am!