MbyMJ TOTALLY TURNLOCK - Tote vs Faridah? Colors?


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
I got the new Nordstroms catalog in the mail yesterday and my daughter showed me a bag she said she really wants for her Bday. I was surprised to see that it's the MbyMJ Totally Turnlock Tote. I told her that sure, I'd be happy to get it for her - I even told her we'd take a trip to the MJ store so that she could get it there. After looking online, however, I saw the Totally Turnlock Faridah Hobo, which looks almost the same. She said she wasn't sure which she liked better. I notice the Faridah is $10 more than the hobo, which I thought was strange.

My question is this: Which one do you guys prefer and why? Is the Faridah hobo much smaller than the tote? She's like me and tends to carry larger bags, but she liked the shape of the hobo and the zipper.

Also, what colors does this bag come in this season? I'm having a hard time finding pics online, so I have to wonder if (1) the bag is quickly selling out, or (2) whether this bag may not be as readily available this season. I know MbyMJ is doing gold hardware this season (versus the silver/nickel of last season). She thought the Grass color was pretty but she'd like to see what other colors it comes in.

Here's a pic of the bag in the catalog:

and here's a pic of the Faridah (from VonMaur's site)


Aug 25, 2007
SF Bay Area, CA
I just cant get over how the Teri looks now. Its still a very nice bag but is just so unlike its predecessors with their clean, classic lines, and simple elegance. All in all, I am not feeling the new changes on the Teri with the added bells and whistles, while the Faridah I still love very much and actually, I think the Faridah has gotten better over the seasons. Also, the Faridah is a great "swing-over-your-shoulder" kind of bag that allows for ease of motion in ways that the Teri cant, kwim?


Mar 14, 2007
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I had the Teri in Black but returned it. I found to to be on the heavy side. Also, it has 3 deep compartments. If you like compartments, then this is the bag for you. But I prefer bags with one main compartment.

I have the Faridah in Mouse Grey with nickel hardware. I LOVE it. It fits very comfortably over the shoulders. It's medium-large size but since the leather is so soft and slouchy, it doesn't look that bag. I have read that others think the Faridah is heavy, but I don't find that to be the case.
Oct 29, 2006
Los Angeles
I prefer the Faridah, because it has a slouchier shape (although when I tried it on in the store, it seemed stiff.. I assume it will break in nicely though). I also feel like the Teri tote is almost too tall for its proportions.
You can check out the MJ website to see all the colors, I don't know them off the top of my head. The Faridah definitely comes in midnight (navy), and poppy, not sure about grass (which is new for spring, so it probably does?).
Either bag would be a good choice.


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Sep 1, 2007
Land of OZ
I like the Faridah better. I have the Softy Faridah from last season. I like the 1 large compartment, rather than the 3 compartments of the tote. I also like the 1 strap of the Faridah, it tends to stay on the shoulder (at least on me) better than 2 straps.


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Jan 30, 2008
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I had Teri and Faridah, returned Faridah. Terri is more streamlined and elegant looking. I don't know what they did to Faridah, but somehow it looks bloated now- it used to be one of my fave bags. Teri weighs 2.4 pounds, Faridah is 2 pounds.


Mar 16, 2007
This season's colors are Grass, Midnight, and Earth.
I don't think there are any other colors that come with the shiny gold hardware.

I have always liked the Teri more than the Faridah. But it also depends on your daughter's style and how she's going to use it. Like Gung mentioned, if you just want something to throw over your shoulders, the Faridah is a good pick. If you want a more structured bag, possibly for school, that has alot of pockets, the Teri would be a good pick.

Although the Teri is heavy, I think you get used to it as time goes on. Caution though, the Teri does soften and sag a bit over time so it will NOT look as structured as the one that's in the photo!


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Apr 3, 2006
Vancouver WA
I own the Faridah in fire and I love it. I also owned the Teri and sold it only because it wasn't a shoulder bag. That is what it came down to for me. I had both so I prefer the Faridah.


Jul 4, 2007
I just got the Teri in grass and I really like it. I think the color is what makes it. I do agree that the previous season's designs are a little more classic but I think the new design can be great for younger MBMJ lovers.
Jun 12, 2007
I actually just got both this weekend from Nordstrom. They price matched NM's promotion, so I got both for the price of one (practically). I got the Teri in cream (I need a light color bag for once!), and the Faridah in midnight. The color 'earth' is very VERYYY pretty, however, I passed it up since I have other bags that are a similar color.


Aug 3, 2007
i prefer the faridah too. i just like the way it slouches. the teri seems too rectangular.