MbyMJ Totally Turnlock Rudy: Anyone have this?

  1. So far, I've only seen it on Zappos. Opinions?

  2. Maybe a little small ... but the gray mouse colour is really nice!
  3. saw it in person today at Holts, i dont like it at all. its an odd shape.
  4. I have never seen this bag before...it looks cute from the pic.
  5. More opinions about this bag?
  6. Its full zip-around the bottom remembers me the Posh Super K bag!
  7. It's cute but the strap seems really long for the bag.
  8. How well does the zip-around work? I always get the feeling that I'd have to flip my bag upside down to access it and even so, my things might fall out... :s
  9. Yes ... I think the same ... but I don't know for sure ... .
  10. Does anybody have this bag or seen it irl?

    Opinions, please!

  11. I personally don't like that shape, it's odd. The strap is an awkward length also. Just not very practical, nor very beautiful. Not worth it IMO. I like the color though.
  12. I saw it at Saks in orange and I wanted to buy it!! I thought it was really cute. I like the shape and how it drops low so it doesn't get in your way. has anyone seen this bag on sale? It's an amazing price as it is... but sales are even nicer!!
  13. Never saw it in person but gotta tell ya, I can't stand looking at it.It looks really weird to me,I can't put my finger on what it looks like...:confused1: