MbyMJ Totally Turnlock Faridah

  1. Hello newbie here,
    Can someone tell me the zipper color on the black Totally Turnlock Faridah? Is it silver like the rest of the hardware or a copperish color? TIA
  2. depends what season you get. resort is silver i believe winter/fall '07 was brass.
  3. I just received my mouse grey Faridah from zapps. Love it by the way!! All my hardware is silver. Not sure if it's the same with all the other colors though. Sorry!
  4. what color is the zipper itself not the pully..the teeth, the interlocking part?
  5. pot_luck, the "teeth" part on the zipper appears to be brass color. I would never have noticed that unless you asked. It is odd that the pully is silver and the teeth are brass, but it's not noticable to me. I am looking at the bag right now. It's 9pm and my lighting isn't the best. Maybe it would be more noticable if the bag was black? I'm not sure. Also, since the top part slouches over, you cannot really see the "teeth" when you are carrying the bag or even putting it down.

    Are you concerned about that?
  6. yeah, I was kinda concerned. I purchased the black from eluxury and their pics show a silver zipper. Just a lil paranoid.:lol:
  7. Let us know what you think after you receive the bag. When are you expecting it?
  8. pot_luck, I saw the bag in black at Nordstorm's. It was the same as my bag- the zipper pully is silver and the teeth are brass colored. It was not very obvious whatsoever, at least not to me.