MbyMJ Spring 2007 turnlock Faridah available in S.F.

  1. At the M by MJ boutique on Fillmore St. in S.F.: (415)292-5891.

    The colors are the beige/buff (on marc jacobs website) and cammoflauge (sp?) green, black and white.

    After much phone discussion of the green, I think I will hold off until I can see green IRL at the end of month on trip to S.F.. Has black/white logo fabric inside. Sounds beautiful! Leather described as slightly more structured than the softy leather of fall.

    Ask for associate David or Asst. mngr Louie. Both very helpful in talking me through a possible charge/send.
  2. Yea, I have to agree on the comment about the leather. The leather isn't as buttery soft as the previous turnlocks :sad:
  3. Really?? Oh, that's sad because I really love the leather on the previous turnlocks. I was actually wondering about the new leather because the close-up pics on the new turnlocks show more structured leather and I've been holding off getting the turnlock Heidi and the latest Teri because of it.
  4. why does MJ do this with his leathers??!!
  5. yea :crybaby: that was the first thing i noticed when I played with the Heidi. Such a bummer because this new leather just doesnt compare with the previous leather... it probably won't stop me from getting the Heidi if I decide on it this weekend but still, love the new leather!
  6. ugh I know huh jun3?! I hate that!! The leather on the first batch is always better than any future batches... :sad:
  7. Yeah - I'm glad I asked the SA to compare the fall leather to current batch, cause that was a deal stopper for me to order through M by MJ store (no returns, etc).

    Has anyone seen the turnlock Faridah at BG, Saks. etc.?
  8. I am in love with the beige Faridah (or maybe the camoflage one--maybe both!) LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I saw it in person today at Bloomingdales and I just don't know what to do with myself now. I just can't spend the money right now! I thought that the leather was soft enough. I was standing there holding it and my turnlock bowler and didn't notice a huge difference in softness. I think that i really like the single strap and that with the way the leather sinks in the bag that the drop of the strap is longer. The turnlock bowler just won't stay on my shoulder with my big winter coat on!
  9. I think the leather is better than on the softy. I had the softy and the handle edges cracked and peeled and I returned it. This one has a soft handle and leather feels plush but I wish he'd use better colors! I would love to see it in a butterscotch or luggage brown color.