MbyMJ Spring 08 Purses of (my) Interest Thread

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  1. I am intrigued with a lot of the designs and colors for the MbyMJ Spring 08 bags.
    In this thread I will share the stock MJ photos and descriptions with you, as well as any other pictures I can get. I would love it if anyone who has seen more detailed photos or seen the bags IRL could share their info and pics in this thread as well. I am excited to see all of these bags IRL and make a final decision, but I want to play the which bag should I pick game until then...

    So here are the combatants:
    The Totally Turnlock Bowler
    (there are no pics available online afaik - but I am interested in the Midnight and Earth colors)

    Dr.Q Groovee Satchel
    in Saddle

    The New Quinn
    in Midnight or Earth

    The Lady L
    in Midnight or Earth

    The Captain
    in Blue
    Is this patent? The color looks funked out on the Marc Jacobs site.

    The Dot
    in Sun
    Is this one gold lame like it looks in this crap pic or is it actually yellow patent?

    Basically, with my current bag collection, I'm seeking red, blue, and brown bags. I would love a fun yellow bag too!
    My two MbyMJ so far are the Dakota Tote in Mouse Grey and the Teri in Camoflague...but there's a link to my collection somewhere's down there.

    Now that I wrote (and you just read) War and Peace...please share your info and opinions! Thanks.
  2. Midnight Quinn is my fav so far..Would'nt it be awesome if he was comming out with a midnight zipclutch..His website does'nt show any zipclutches..wondering if he comming out with anything different??
  3. they are!! i'm not sure about the clutches i dont remember- but the wallets and key pouches were coming in midnight blue, green, yellow and earth if i remember correctly.
  4. I like the Lady L in Earth. I might have to get one of those when I'm on holiday in April. I love my MJ bags but I really love my MbMJ bags, they are so nice to touch.
  5. i love the turnlock bowler. i am actually eyeing that one as well. the lady l in midnight also looks really nice, but i would have to see in irl. it seems a little big according to the measurements.

    i saw the groovee satchel at the store. it's really pretty, it was a little too big for me and i wasn't sure if it would keep its shape unstuffed.
  6. personally i prefer the older turnlocks because of the leather... the new one seems to be more pebbled.
  7. i agree! i need the the midnight quinn!
  8. i totally agree! it would be TOTALLY AWESOME if he came out with a midnight zipclutch! .... aaaw if he did, i think that will be my first mj zipclutch hehe
  9. The Dot in Sun (from Shopbop)
    (it is patent)
  10. ^^ i saw this bag in the mustard and black last weekend and its quite nice. and i love the surprise pattern inside- to cute!
  11. omg i need that bright blue captain!!! is there any color like that from the normal marc collection line thats close to that color?
  12. Dr. Q Groovee in Saddle (Shopbop)
  13. i really like the new quinn and the groovee! :tup:
  14. Well, I have officially seen all of the handbags of my interest in person (except the Quinn). I have decided to purchase none of them. The shiny gold hardware looks to trashy/cheap to me. The leather quality seems generally to have decreased on the turnlock line. I didn't love the look of any, although the fire color is beautiful...So much for getting excited about pictures...
    The Captain has the nicest leather next to the Dr. Q line...but the straps made shoulder carrying awkward because the bag is very bulky.