MbyMJ softy zip clutch?

  1. Does anyone have one of these? Is it really heavy? I was thinking of ordering one, but wasn't sure about the weight of the bag. I've seen the regular MJ quilted zip clutch and I thought it was a bit too heavy. Any opinions on the MbyMJ one? Thanks!
  2. It's not heavy at all! I just use it as a regular wallet, but it can easily fit my cellphone in there, so I love going grocery shopping just with the zip clutch.
  3. Of course to each her own, but I personally think it's a bit more on the heavy side. I've gone shopping with this wallet inside a bag with some hardware, and by the end of the day (we're talking WHOLE DAY shopping though), my shoulders weren't too thrilled. For general errands, day to day stuff, etc though, I think it's fine.