MbyMJ Slim Satchel, anyone have it?

  1. Hello all,
    I was just wondering if anyone has or has seen the MbyMJ slim satchel in real life? NM isn't very close by so I just wondered if anyone had it, how it felt, if it fits over the shoulder or anything else because I really love it and was thinking of ordering it for fall. Thanks!!
  2. I haven't seen this bag, but just to let you know, MbMJ bags tend to be on the heavy side. The leather they use is really nice, soft and thick, but the thickness adds to the weight. I have one which I love, but cause it's so heavy, I tend to use other bags more. If you can, I'd try one out in person before buying one.
  3. I was looking at that bag too. I haven't tried that specific bag but I did recently buy a bag from the fall line that is similar. I've only tried it on at home with a few of my items in it but it is really heavy. I'll probably return it.

    I would also advise trying to find it in person first. The Totally Turnlock line has been fine weight-wise but the non-turnlock line bags for the fall line that I've tried on were all pretty heavy. I tried on a satchel and a tote.