MbyMJ Mystery Bag: Please Help w Identification

  1. I was a Bloomingdale's this past weekend and tried on a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag I had never seen before. I strongly considered purchasing, but the bag was scratched up and I hate sales tax. I can't find this bag anywhere online. Does anybody have a pic or a possible name for this mystery bag?
    The color looked like Mouse Grey to me...which indicates a Resort 07 bag. It had a similar shape to this Hillier Hobo:
    It had short drop straps for hand/elbow carrying and a long strap that dropped the bag around hip level like the Delaney tote:
    It was not the Groovee.
    But based on similarities it seems likely to be a Dr. Q bag.
    It had this lining:
    It also had double outside zippers like the MJ Blake.
    I believe the retail was in the neighborhood of 450-500. Any suggestions? It's killing me that I can't find a picture anywhere. Was it a hallucination? Sorry if this is a retread, I can't find it since the forum search is down. Thanks!
  2. Could it be the Dakota?
  3. Sounds like the Dakota to me. Is this the bag?
  4. Sorry for the tiny pic, but I could only get a screen shot from Barney's when they did have this bag in stock. They only had black. I didn't know it came in the Mouse Grey. That would be nice! I have it in black, but am kinda on the fence about the size for me. Believe it or not, I think it's too small! :shame: Even though my laptop fits perfectly in the bag with room for my other stuff. I guess that's why I still have it!
  5. I think that is the right bag. It looks right; I wish I could find multiple pics somewhere online.
    The MbyMJ store by me said it comes in Grey, Cream, and Black.
    I have a Turnlock Teri that I love, but I don't want to buy multiples of the same bag. This seemed different enough to justify ;-p
    Thanks very much for the screenshot!