mbymj luxy leather zip cluth

  1. i just purchased this fantabulous clutch in the beige color and LOVE IT! it was my christmas present to myself this year. i purchased it from Zappos.com and love the free overnight shipping and the fact that it was on sale. i've been using it since the day i got it and have gotten loads of complements. it's my first major handbag purchase and marc jacobs has been a favorite of mine for quite some time; certainly it won't be my last marc jacobs purchase. i'm looking into purchasing from the marc by marc jacobs line again as it's more in my price range (though, i would love to purchase from the main line).

    hopefully, i would like to purchase something in the upcoming spring line but i was looking into the turnlock series. any recommendations you might have? i'm hoping to get something in black and in a plain, leather design (no embossments) and something that's classic.
  2. Totally Turnlock Faridah in black. I love mine!

    Congrats on the wallet - I love M by MJ! :heart:
  3. The MbyMJ baby bag if you need a tote bag. Also, congrats on your first MJ purchase! :woohoo: You'll never turn back. :p
  4. Congratulations!! Zappos has great CS!
    I was going to purchase the MbMJ Ivory Luxy Leather Faridah @ the Zappos outlet store yesterday but I was afraid I would not be able to keep it clean. Was a steal @ $200!