MbyMJ leather prone to ruboff? How to protect?

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  1. Hello all, I have noticed that mbymj leather seems prone to ruboff spots where the leather color seems to come off instead of just scuff. I am wondering how you protect your bags. I have a new saffron faridah and was thinking of using Apple Guard on it--is this safe? Any other recs?

  2. Hey Nonnie- has the color rubbed off on your Faridah? It rubbed off on my hobo also in the saffron color....Im beginning to think maybe this color is especially prone to color coming off.
  3. It rubbed off on a different bag I have in another color--I haven't used the saffron faridah yet, I'm going to protect it first.
  4. Telicious- I didn't know about the leathers being unfinished....good to know!
    I returned the hobo and have another one coming in its place- will def. condition first!
  5. I've used my saffron faridah quite a lot since march and I haven't noticed any colour rubbing off, but I'm going to go check now!