MbyMJ - High Quality Italian Leather - What is this?

  1. I recently bought my first MbyMJ handbag last week (a Dr. Q Groovee Satchel). I've owned many, many MJ bags which are almost all made of calf leather (I have two that are made from Goat Leather & one Nappa leather). The care cards that came with the Dr Q say that "This bag is made from High Quality Italian Leather....." The other card says that it's made from the "Finest Italian Leather..." What exactly does this mean? Is leather made in Italy better than leather made elsewhere?? Is "Fine Italian Leather" just another way of saying "Cowhide"? Is it a lesser quality calf skin?

    Does anyone know what type of leather is used on the MbyMJ bags??
  2. I think they say it's Italian leather because it sounds more expensive than just saying it's leather. MbMJ leather should just be regular leather, not calf, goat, nappa, etc.

    Either way it still feels amazing though!
  3. Whatever!! I am sure it is great!!
  4. Wait... what's "regular leather"? (My Teri isn't made from deviant cows, is it?)
  5. ^ :lol: yes. your teri is constructed of naughty, deliquent cows! you'd better keep a close eye on it. i think telicious meant that mbmj bags are made of cowhide as opposed to softer calfskin, goat, lambskin, etc.
  6. Haha... yes, that's what I meant, sorry for not using the correct term!

    I think it was just recently that they added "Genuine Italian Leather" on their tags, but I can be wrong.
  7. what it means is that the leather is tanned over in italy. italy has the best leather taneries in the world and both MJ and M by MJ bags have their leather tanned over there. the difference though between MJ and M by MJ is that MJ bags are then manufactured and costructed in italy, where as M by MJ bags have their leather sent over to factories in china, indonesia, etc and are then cut and constructed. dooney and bourke and coach do the same exact thing, get their hides tanned in italy, and have the hardware manufactured there, and then the parts are shipped to china to be assembled..
  8. that's a great explanation - thanx! MbyMJ bags aren't made of calfskin tho, are they? That's why I thought maybe cowhide (isn't that from older cows??)