MbyMJ Faridah tote $153 at NM

  1. Faridah
  2. I was just going to post that too! It looks like they're adding lots of bags. Hurry someone get this one!
  3. I just did, then came for a code and saw the post. Not sure if there's more, but what a deal!:yahoo:
  4. it shows as available but I guess it is gone as my order that went through 10mins ago was already canceled (including lacoste polo $25, burberry polo $21, burberry pump $131, ferragamo sandal $85). I am sad... T_T
  5. ^How do you know that it was cancelled? They sent you an email 10 minutes later? They usually take 24 hours for notification of cancellation??
  6. If you check your order status/history, it will tell you. That's what they did to a bag that I bought a while back.
  7. It's easy to see if you ordered is cancelled before you receive any emails. Just go to your account history and look at your order. It will show if the item is cancelled by Neiman's for being out of stock.

    I just wish they could improve their system so an email is not automatically sent out with whatever you ordered. Since the system knows right away if something is cancelled because it is out of stock, the email should reflect this.

    It seems like a lot of stuff is still showing as being available right now, even if they are not. They are not showing the usual tagline "item no longer available" right away, making it even more frustrating than usual because so many will be ordering them!
  8. BOO! I just checked and it's canceled also. :sad:
  9. I was so excited until I saw "Cancelled" on my order page. :tdown:
  10. ^Count me in.

    I ordered that badboy and now see that it is cancelled. NM bites.
  11. Here's what "Online Chat" just told me:

    This particular item has been discontinued due to depletion of stock. This product proved to be more popular than we anticipated and we were unable to obtain more merchandise. We do apologize for any disappointment this may have caused.

    Well DUH! It's MbMJ!
  12. Hmm it's still showing available so I just tried. Let's see what happens.
  13. just tried to order a Gryson Tate in Cerise and same thing - order went through but was cancelled in my account info page!
  14. Count me In. I just checked and everything on my list is not being processed.

    I think most of the items that have a huge discount are sold out but still being listed. Oh NM :sad: they need to update their system.