MbyMJ Dr. Q Delancey in the real world - Questions

  1. Does anyone have the MbyMJ Dr. Q Delancey? I am searching for the Dr. Q Groovee, but considering the Delancey as well since I haven't found a Groovee in bordeaux.

    I've seen the Delancey in person and carried it in the store, but am wondering if anyone owns it and how they find it works in real life. I love big bags, but this is really big! If you have it, do you use it mainly for work, travel, everyday? I love the look of this bag, but see myself only carrying it for travel ( great, stylish carry-on bag ) or for work - laptop, water, wallet, etc. would all fit inside with room to spare.

    Any real world feedback for the Dr. Q Delancey? Thanks in advance!
  2. i don't have the delancey myself, but my friend does. it is the exact same size as a mj collection bag i bought recently, so i can help you with the size issue. i initially afraid it might be too big as well, but i've found myself using it almost daily for work and school. it's so convenient to be able to carry your laptop, gym clothes, a pair of heels to change into, and basically everything else i need to survive the day with. the delancey itself is not a heavy bag, but if you plan on toting a lot with you, it might start to hurt your shoulders after awhile. at any rate, i have not heard one complaint from my from my friend over the delancey. it's actually her favorite bag.
  3. ^^ thanks, tadpole. I do think I would really like it. I am still hoping to get the Groovee in bordeaux, so I am torn. Although I think I may have found a bordeaux Groovee. Won't know for sure until I leave work! Either way, I'll either have a Dr. Q bag in bordeaux. I'm excited!
  4. ^ :nuts: you think you've found a bordeaux Groovee?!?!?! please share how that turns out coz i desperately want one too! i would so fly over to the states to get my hands on a bordeaux Groovee haha
  5. ^^^ chipmunk - PM me if you are interested in the Dr. Q Groovee. I think they may have one or two left. I know they will do charge sends within the US, but I am not sure if they will charge send internationally.