MbyMJ Bags at Saks

  1. There are more than 20 MarcbyMarcJacobs bags at Saks South Coast Plaza tonight, some are from Resort 2006 (M363xxx). I am not familiar with this line so I just wrote down the style numbers & colors from the tags, the style name is not printed on the tag so I can be wrong, please feel free to correct me. =) Also spotted: Softy Leather Tote, Sylvie Leather Hobo, Wham, Logo Denim styles, Logo Leather styles, etc.

    * Resort 2006 *
    M363003 - $398
    (Moss, Carbon Blue)

    M363007 - $428
    (Carbon Blue)
    <Teri Shoulder Bag>

    M363002 - $458
    (Black, Sunset)
    <(similar to Tina Leather Tote)?>

    M363005 - $398
    <Top Zip Leather Satchel>

    * Fall 2006 *
    M362062 - $428
    (Black, Desert Tan)
    <(big hobo)?>

    M362008 - $428
    (Firebird Red, Yam)
    <Teri Shoulder Bag>
  2. BL, what did you think of the Sunset color? I am wondering how orangey it is?
  3. ^ no worries! You are an angel for even writting them down to share with us!