MBT's - love?? benefits??

  1. Hi ladies... I am just ready to purchase a pair of MBT's. Any success stories other than what I read on-line?
  2. Hee, I just asked a similar question yesterday and posting in the "Health and Fitness" area. Someone sent me this link to an earlier thread:
    MBT Sports sneaker: Do they really work?

    I also bit the bullet and ordered a pair of the sandals from Bliss. Hope they give me lovely shapely legs! :smile:
  3. The ones you are looking at are really cute! Way nicer looking than the original solid white and solid black they used to offer.
  4. I have these:


    I only bought them a couple weeks ago and haven't been able to walk outside much in them yet do to the ridiculous amount of snow we've receive in the last couple weeks.

    I've only been able to wear them in the house, so I don't really have much to report on yet. they don't feel as odd or different as I thought they would. Nor do they look as strange with my jeans as I feared.

    I am an avid walker, and really can't wait to try them on a good long power walk outside.

    Ah, maybe in a couple weeks.......
  5. I wore these alot one summer when I walked ALOT and I really like how they made me stand more straight...not sure if they really helped my legs so much as I was working out 5 hours a day as I was at a fitness spa..but I did enjoy them and still use them often.