MBT Sports sneaker: Do they really work?

  1. I get Bliss Spa catalogs in the mail all of the time and I'm always reading about this MBT Sports Sneaker...Does anyone here own these? If so, is all of this really true? If it is, I'm getting these.:roflmfao:


    Sport Sneaker in Grey

    Meet the world's most celebrated shoe... Like an invisible personal trainer, they subtly strengthen and engage, increasing precious blood flow to 'problem areas' every moment you have them on. They're coveted by cottage-cheese afflicted supermodels, moms and athletes alike. They tone muscles, better your balance, improve posture, help varicose veins and-- God save the Queen-- have been known to swiftly sack cellulite. One British reporter measured a 50% reduction in a month. U.S. women's sizes 6 - 10 1/2. Also available in: mbt sport sneaker in white, and mbt sport sneaker in black.
  2. buttery...that is weird, I was going to post the same thing today!! Im really curious about these... I think they're quite expensive though
  3. Buttery, I have wanted to post about these all the time and I always forget.

    I searched the WWW many times and read comments from owners of the shoes and they swear by them. Some even own several different models of the sneakers and then the newer sandals. They rave...the only negative was the "getting use to" period, but they said that fades fast. They also say you need to wear them a certain amount of time every day to get the benefits. You also don't want to go back to your old shoes once you wear these.

    Anyway...I have never met anyone who owns them and am hoping someone here does. Would love feedback from some members.
  4. These sound great, but wow at that price. I replace my trainers every 4-6 months. That'd be an LV a year!
  5. wow...they're expensive. and not very cute. I'm not afflicted with cellulite or anything, so I guess they don't mean too much to me right now, but I'll stick with my Nike Frees.
  6. :heart::love::love: Love my Nike Frees!
  7. I have a pair. They work to an extent, but you have to wear them alot (they come with instructions). The problem is they are not very attractive, so I do not wear mine that much (I barely wear them) But... the way the soles are made if you bend down or rock forward and back you can feel them working your legs.
  8. interesting, never seen em
  9. I am shocked not many people have responded or seen these. They have been out for so long. Wish more people would have feedback.
  10. are you only supposed to wear them when working out (jogging or aerobics etc) or are you supposed to wear them in place of your normal sneakers? If its only for working out and they really do tone your legs / get rid of cellulite who cares if they aren't the prettiest shoes out there? (you'll have the prettiest legs after using them!!) : ))))
  11. You wear them a large part of the day...there is like a plan/scedule they give you...it changes in time how much you wear them I believe
  12. oh really??? interesting. they kind of remind me of spice girl shoes..you know the trainers (sneakers) with the huge platform.
  13. I have the sneakers and the cross-trainers. The sneakers are really unattractive. I have to say that I have not really worn them that much...but, they do make you stand more up right and you can feel it in your legs and bottom after wearing them for a while. I wore them on a hike, once, and got the biggest blisters I have ever gotten in my life, mostly due to bag socks. I actually ended up walking in my socks for half of the hike. Since then, they have been in the back of my car. Maybe I should bread them out again...
  14. related to this is the strength shoe - primarily for men and for increasing calf muscle, but think they make them for women too

  15. I want to decrease my calf muscles not increase them.... thats why Im a bit scared of all these shoes!!