mbmj's store...

  1. i have a few weeks off work as of today (broken shoulder:tdown:) and decided to finally explore nyc, as i've lived here almost a year and been solely focused on work!

    my question is... i have several mj handbags, but never been into the mbmj line.

    anyway, i've seen so many cute little compacts and accessories people on here have purchased from mbmj, and they've all caught my eye:yes: soooo... what's the store like, nycers? and the location? worth getting out of my sickbed to find some goodies to pamper myself?

  2. I've never been to a MbMJ store. :sad: I've heard from friends that have gone though that they have a table inside with all the little trinkets (like the cute little animal pencil sharpeners and the random heart compacts, things of that nature) on it. They're all really cheap. I got mine from eBay lol, marked up of course. Just had to have em.
  3. Its very crowded and lots of people pushing you. I had go get out of there as i could barely move around.
  4. I've never been to the NYC location, but the LA store always has some fun goodies for low prices. I always find stuff that I like that is affordable. If you have something to do in that area, why not stop in to the store? Just try to go during the week on off hours so you won't get jostled around.
  5. I travel all the way from Hardy, Va. (the middle of nowhere?) just to shop at that store!! The whole area is great to stroll around in!!:party:
  6. The store's location is 403-405 Bleecker St :smile:

    When I was in NYC I couldn't get inside because there were so many people. But I love the San Francisco store!
  7. thanks everyone!

    i'll try not to take too many pain meds. before going... shopping under the influence may result in a shopping craze:p
  8. I was just there on Sunday-they have lots of cute things-but, the store is tiny and crowded. Whatever you do-do not go on a weekend! Hubby has gone there during the week for me and he says it is a lot better then.
  9. Has anyone been this week to Bleecker St. location?
    Just wanted to get a heads up of what they have. I'll be going this weekend and wanted to know what to expect beforehand.
  10. i can honestly say i am guilty of going shopping while on pain meds, and i always seem to rationalize the purchases im making, only to get home, and wonder why i did it. hah goodluck girl!
  11. I was just there on Friday.. they have rain boots, fingerless gloves, thigh high socks, pvc wristlets, quilted x-large totes, some really cute leather bags, clutches and shoes, heart mirror compact, big beaded bracelets, lipstick pen, quilted coin purses, wallets, fedora hats,random t-shirts, and grey and black canvas totes.... oh and some little jewlery thingys too... cute. there's probably more, but that's all i can remember right now. :0