MbMJ ZC as a substitute??

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  1. Hello ladies,

    So I am really bummed that I couldn't immediately decide during the Nordies pre-sale whether I wanted a ZC or not. Once I saw how amazing Thundercloud's Grey ZC looked in the photos, I decided I wanted one...but of course it's too late!

    This morning, when I saw the Shopbop sale, I tried to grab a Bordeaux ZC but no luck either. Sooooo, after agonizing all day and wanting a ZC, I decided for now to settle for the MbMJ Lovely ZC in chocolate...


    I know it's no MJ ZC but I hope it will do for now.

    Thoughts? Good decision :tup: /bad decision :tdown:?
  2. I think it's really cute and debated on whether or not to get one! :smile: Good choice!:tup:
  3. i have the mbmj softy zc and i really like it. i love the zip pocket in the front. it's really convenient for keeping change. great choice! :tup:
  4. I think that is adorable! Very cute.