MbMJ Yellow

  1. Are any other styles coming out in this color???

  2. ^^Cute!
  3. I love that color!
  4. So cute and nice honey color!
  5. That is too cute!
  6. :heart: it! I want!!!
  7. That color is adorable!
  8. is that current season???
  9. I really like that. No place around here sells MJ or MMJ-I have to rely on the store websites and you ladies to keep me up-to-date.
  10. Gorgeous colour, do you think they'll have wallets/clutches in that shade?
  11. I Need That!
  12. I'm pretty sure it's this season. I hope some bags are coming out in this color.
  13. what style is that?
  14. I love that!
    Do you know which site you got the image from?
  15. Neiman Marcus online has that clutch... it is really cute! and a steal at under$200. i went to the boutique but they didnt have it yet :sad: