MBMJ with/without dust bag?

  1. Odd. My MBMJ bag from farfetch came with a dust bag. :s
  2. How interesting I just bought a nylon MBMJ bag at off Saks fifth (their outlet) & it didn't come with one. I honestly didn't even think about it and for me it's not a deal breaker as I like the bag and got it at a steal of a price.
  3. Saks sent a dust bag, but instead of a small MBMJ dust bag, it was a HUGE Marc Jacobs dust bag. How huge? Tote bag huge. I would've kept it but it also had a big rust (?) stain on it. I went to my local Saks store to see if they had any smaller MBMJ dust bags, but they were out. The ended up giving me a huge MBMJ dust bag (probably could fit a large tote), but it didn't have a stain, so I kept it. I guess the smaller MBMJ pieces just aren't coming with dust bags anymore. It's annoying for me, because I keep all of my bags in their dust bags. My closet gets very dusty, and I don't use each bag enough to prevent it from getting dusty. I think I'll use the big MBMJ dust bag for an old Gucci bag that doesn't quite fit into its dust bag... and use the Gucci dust bag for my new MBMJ.
  4. I have placed two orders at Bloomingdales online, and my Francesca and Natasha both came with dust bags, but my Percy did not.

    I am not sure if MBMJ isn't providing them anymore for small items, but it would stand to reason that this is the case and that people who are still receiving dust bags for Percies/wallets/Karlies etc. are receiving leftover bags?
  5. I've bought 3 percys and none have come with a dustbag! One turnlock from Scoop NYC and one classic Q from Aritzia here in Toronto.
    Last summer I bought one of the limited-edition turnlock percys from MBMJ Chicago and it didn't have even have a dustbag - I would assume they don't give them for the smaller bags anymore!
  6. Last year i bought the Petal to the Metal Zip Clutch Wallet at bijenkorf and it did not come with a dustbag :sad:
  7. When I don't get a dust bag I buy a white flannel pillow case to use that as a dust bag.
  8. My medium Hillier hobo from Nordstrom had a dust bag but my classic Karlie from a MBMJ store did not. The Karlie was just wrapped with tissue paper and a plastic bag
  9. in my experience since i started purchasing mbmj bags six yrs ago- large leather bags come w dustbags (2 from nap + 2 from shopbop + 1 from nm). i purchased a leather wristlet from zappos and it also came with one (when they used to ship to canada way back then). i bought and sold a patent groovee that didn't come with so i requested one from nm live chat and they shipped it within two days via fedex. but other accessories and small items that are made from other materials that i bought didn't come with dustbags.
    my latest mbmj buy is a black pvc lace market tote bag i purchased directly from mj.com and it only came with a large black boutique bag.
  10. Not entirely true on the small MbMJ bags not coming with dust bags. My Too Hot To Handle Mini Drawstring bag from Piperlime came with a dust bag... May depend upon the store?
  11. I have a few MBMJ items and none of them came with dustbags, boxes, or anything. I bought them all from Nordstrom (a nylon messenger bag, a wallet and a laptop bag). They were just shipped to me in a cardboard box, while the bag(s) were wrapped in plastic bags. I think it's the norm now when it comes to nylon and faux leather MBMJ items. I've heard that anything non-leather that's not a handbag will not include a dust bag at all, which is unfortunate to hear because I think they're so handy to have.

    I might talk to CS tomorrow at Nordstrom and see if they can send me a couple though. I mean, they cost basically $0 to manufacture anyways.
  12. I bought a Ukita from MBMJ Hong Kong and it came with a dust bag. But no dustbag when I bought a coin pouch from Shopbop.
  13. I have 2 MbMJ Hillier hobos, a Natasha and a Groovee, all came with dust bags. My wallet and wristlet came in MbMJ logo boxes. Most of my purchases were at Saks. Sometimes there was not a dust bag in the bag, but the SA had them behind the counter. The Natasha was from Piperlime and the dust bag was in the handbag.
  14. Well there sure seems to be a lot of discrepancy here on which bag from which store comes or does come with a dust bag!

    Crazy! I think they all should!
    All of mine from Nordies and from NM have. Just recently purchased online a Medium Tate nylon tote from NM and they included a generic white dust bag.
    I kinda 'need' a dust bag. It feels strange to get a bag without one. :nogood:
  15. My husband bought a Percy from the MJ-store in SF in april and it didn´t come with a dustbag. There might have been a paper bag but I think he removed it before packing the suitcase. The bag he bought for me 2 years ago (TT Helena tote) came with a dust bag and a nylon bag.