MbMj where are they produced?

  1. does anyone know where the mbmj bags are made, in Italy? If I saw one that the interior is made in china what does this mean? I thought they were all made in Italy:hysteric:
  2. Made in Italy is the Marc Jacobs collection - not MBMJ. If memory serves me right a bag I used to have that was MBMJ said made in china & was authentic.
  3. MbMJ bags are made in China.
  4. I didn't know but now I have question, does that affect if your purchase of where it's made? Honestly for me it doesn't. I know some people who've made a big deal of not purchasing anything from China but to me isn't it still a designer bag? Like the materials must come from somewhere, it's only manufactured there.
  5. For me it does. Items produced in countries such as China have a reputation of being poorly made. It's not as big of deal on less expensive bags such as MbMJ but if they started manufacturing the MJ Collection bags there they would lose me as a customer.
  6. The fact that some of the high street and low end products are made in places like China and Indonesia etc. doesn't bother me at all. They are produced in these countries because labour is cheap and they pass the savings on to their customers.

    However, it really annoys me when designers use cheap labour and then just make more profit for themselves. The quality may well be the same, but in the UK we are always being told not to support companies like NIKE and GAP who apparently exploit cheap labour. So even if I buy a MbMJ bag at £400 (which is still a lot of money) in a department store here I am still supporting cheap labour, and in fact, I am being exploited too!

    I don't mind paying for high end goods, but don't rip me off totally Mr Designer.
  7. Sometimes it bothers me when the quality is affected - take for instance UGG austrailia - perfect example. Since they are now manufactured in china the quality has taken a huge dive IMO.... if you now compare them to Nganjo or others made in australia (or UGGs made in aussie b4 the change) there is a HUGE quality difference in materials and they have not dropped their pricing.
  8. i personally don't care where my belongings are made. i'm so disillusioned by the whole "made in italy" claim since so many designers are cutting labor costs by using materials sourced in italy, but sending out the bags, shoes, coats, etc. to china for the final production. the "made in italy" tags are supposed to invoke the idea that an italian artisan is crafting and sewing the bags with his/her bare hands in a small, picturesque village in the italian countryside, yet there's evidence to the contrary.

    as long as the item i am buying looks neat, seems well made, and is durable, its origins are a non-issue to me. i don't automatically equate italy with high quality. i've had so many "made in china" things that have held up much better than my supposedly fine italian wares.
  9. That's what I'm saying. As long as it doesn't affect the quality, which most of the time when it comes to designer bags it doesn't (i.e. MBMJ bags). The leather is still really good. And it's the same type of labor workers in Italy as it in China. The people who work in those factories probably can't afford the bags no matter if they live in Italy, France or China.
  10. thanks for everyone's answers, and to "bagsrmylife" i honestly have nothing against china as a production country, they live by their own labor laws and it's mostly a choice they make to live there and take that job.. my question was around authenticity since i go the bag on eBay and you know how that goes, i wanted to be sure it was real!:hysteric:
    i woke up this morning feeling crappy about the fact that i had just purchased a fake and just could not look at it the same, now i know it's real.
  11. ^^ I figured you were asking for authenticity reasons - then we got all side tracked! In my previous post I was not saying I'm against things made in China, or anywhere for that matter - what I'm against is companies moving to cheaper production & materials to the point where they produce an inferior product than before & it shows, yet their prices & profit margins keep inflating.
  12. Well said. :yes: