MbMJ watches and pendants at NR

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  1. The NR in Long Beach has lots of MbMJ watches and watch pendants. They had the red apple, white star, and black star watch pendants for $49.99. The dice pendant was $72. They had at least 20 MbMJ watches in the $70 to $85 range. They also had a few of the MbMJ canvas logo bags too.

    I was at the Costa Mesa store too. While they had the logo bags, they didn't have any of the watches.
  2. whoa! thanks for the post!

    does NR do charge sends?
  3. I don't even normally wear a watch but now I am interested. Do you know the style names of the regular watches??
  4. There were a few styles of watches. They definitely had this swivel watch:


    They didn't have yellow, but NR had this style in blue (a bright royal blue) and white for $72.

    They also had this link watch:


    It was also $72.

    They had a few more styles, but I couldn't find pix.
  5. They do :tup:
  6. oh man, if only i could go back into nordstroms to buy some of those watches :sad:
  7. omg... that swivel watch is SO cute! i wish we had a NR here... :sad: