MBMJ Turnlock Terri Ivory

  1. Hey guys! I have a chance to get a Turnlock Teri in Ivory for a great price. It would be my first designer bag of ANYTHING and everything from the Turnlock line amazes me. I was just wondering if I should wait out until I see one go on sale (I'm getting it for around $210 used) or scoop it up before anyone else gets it, haha. I'm unfamiliar with sales at the bigger department stores because alas I live fairly far away from the nice ones so any help would be nice!

    Also, if I do get the bag it somewhat looks dirty but I can't really compare because I can't find pictures of the bag in Ivory anywhere, only grey(this is the color I want most), poppy, yellow, and black. Do you know where I can find pictures and/or cleaning methods I could possibly use?

    Thank you!

    (By the way, I realized I spelt it wrong. I have a friend named Terri and it's just natural to spell it her way! Haha)
  2. I think the ivory is a few seasons ago (correct me if I'm wrong!) and might be sold out. So if it were me, I'd grab it used at such a reasonable price. The Teri's are reselling at almost retail in the popular colours (incl. black) I've noticed.

    Just my 2 cents- good luck! And let us know (and post pics!)