MBMJ Turnlock Quinn my newest baby

  1. IT just arrived this week! i am breathless it is great!
    LOVE the ocean color it is so soft!
    need to find accessories in that color to go with it...keep me posted if you find any wristlets or wallets etc to go with it in this color....

    Does anyone know if it is from this past collection i am new at this...

  2. ^ It's from MbyMJ's Fall 07 collection. ;)
  3. oh its gorgeous!!!
  4. so beautiful! congrats! im really searching for the Mimi turnlock pref in gray
  5. ps how soft is the leather???? isnt it wonderful
  6. sooo soft like butter ......i am soooooooooooooooo hooked! it's just something about marc j ......hopeless......i need to be in mj rehab soon lol
  7. i love that color!! congrats on your new bag
  8. Love your new Ocean Quinn. I think there was a Totally Turnlock Billfold and Totally Turnlock Flap clutch available in the same color.


    Try calling the MBMJ stores to see if they still have them available. Good luck!

    or you can troll eBay for a Petrol zip clutch too. attaching another tpfr's post...

    the bag is fabulous! it will go with any wallet or accessory you choose!
  9. oh man this is a really nice blue bag.....i'm thinking about mbmj more often lately and i used to really dislike that line of mjs

    enjoy your quinn in good health!
  10. I love that color! :love: The leather looks devine as well! Congrats!!
  11. Oooh the bag looks awesome. Congratulations..enjoy our bag :smile:
  12. Its such a beautiful color, Congrats!
  13. THANKS so much all....for advice....i am now on a quest for anything ocean or petrol i can find! keep me posted if you see any for sale!

    :yahoo:i keep staring at it!
  14. Oooh, I love the shape of the Quinn, and the color is so pretty! Congrats on your new bag!! :tup:
  15. I have the Mimi satchel in this color... Love it!