MBMJ Turnlock Key Pouch

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  1. After seeing pics from telicious of this little beauty in elderberry, I think I have to have one! Question: how much do they hold? From the description it seems like the MBMJ is larger than the LV cles? Is this true? Can the MBMJ hold 8-10 gift/credit cards? Thanks!
  2. Well, I don't know anything about LV ... but I have a MbMJ Turnlock key pouch ... and it holds my cell ... my keys ... and lots of gift/credit cards!
  3. Yea! Thanks! Ordering mine now!:heart:
  4. Great choice! I have this in midnight and it definitely holds a ton. I've stuffed my ID's, cc's, and cell with no problems. I can also fit my car key in it. Post pics when you get it! :tup:
  5. I just bought one in nero to keep my iphone safe. It fits my iphone and bluetooth headset in it. I haven't tried to put anything else in it but it will easily fit credit cards and more.
  6. Not sure about 8-10 cards, but I usually fit some money, change and at least 4-5 cards and it zips up perfectly! Hope you enjoy using yours when you get it! :yes:

    (Did you get it in Elderberry too?)
  7. ^^Yes, I ordered elderberry from Nordstrom!
  8. i have that in the earth color. inside it i have: 6 cards and 6 $1 bills (i'm broke, i know) but everything fits fine.
  9. Out of curiosity, does your actually turnlock turn? I recently purchased one on ebay (in mouse grey) and the turnlock doesn't work. My older key pouch has a working turnlock so I was wondering if this was a more recent change?
  10. ^^ my turnlock doesn't turn.
  11. #11 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
    Ms. Elderberry key pouch arrived today and I love her! The color isn't quite as 'grape' as it appears in this pic. Holds 13 gift etc. cards. I have 4 mini cards on the keychain, which I keep tucked inside. She even has a little room to spare! :heart:

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  12. LadyRacer - do you have the 3G or original iPhone? I was thinking of getting one of these for my iphone but wasn't sure if it'd fit.

    gwen - congrats on your new key pouch! ARRGH you aren't making this any easier to resist!
  13. I'm glad it's working out for you. I really like the elderberry color.

    I have the 3G. :yes: I have a case on it now so it won't fit my bluetooth anymore.
  14. congrats gwen, it's gorgeous. I so want this, but must resist.well if I don't win the black Little Edie, I'll have to give in and treat myself.

    Dawn, cranberry key pouch calling your name............................can you hear her?
  15. cute!