MBMJ Turnlock Heidi - white or cream?

  1. Does anyone know if they will be coming out with the Heidi in white or cream?
  2. i can't be positive, but the heidi has been around for a couple of seasons now. if they do decide to keep the heidi going into spring of 08, i'm sure they'll be white or cream color to choose from then.
  3. i guess i'll just have to wait and see. thanks!
  4. the Heidi came out in Chalk, although i didn't see it around as much.
  5. Thought I would bump this up to see if there are any updates. I've been waiting patiently and now it's almost spring. Does anyone know if the Heidi or turnlock bowler will come in chalk this season? Thanks!
  6. I don't know ... but, anyway, I agree with you: that one on Ebay is very expensive!
  7. I haven't seen it it white & I have been looking at the Heidi on a variety of sites. I just got the Heidi in Acid Yellow from Saks. It is exactly the color yellow I was hoping for. I'll post pictures of it once it is officially mine. It is a birthday present for me from my husband. I have to wait 2 weeks to open it! (I of course ripped it open when it arrived from Saks & just taped it back up so he could wrap it, :lol:)

    I am going to Nordstrom on Friday, I will check in their handbag dept & see what they say about the Heidi in white/cream....
  8. Kuk416 - so I went to Nordstom today, wish I could say I was going to be more helpful to you. No one in the handbag department could answer my question. No one knew much about the MBMJ line. Eventually someone found a binder with some information in it about the line. According to the Nordstom employees, the Lady L Satchel will come in a white/cream color but the Turnlock Heidi will not..... Again, I have little to no confidence in the answers I was given today, just wanted to get back to you.... Let us know if you find what you are looking for!!!
  9. Just an update. The Lady L in now available on NM.com in cream... preorder, ships 5/2