MBMJ turnlock flap clutch ???

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  1. I have a couple of them. They are super cute and can hold a lot! There is all the usual space for cash, credit cards, and coins (zippered coin compartment) plus extra slots you can use for your checkbook or even your cell phone! My razor fits in the wallet perfectly, and there is enough room to stow a small lipgloss too! It works as a great clutch!
  2. I'm so sad that bloomies sold out of the one you got! It is still in the list but says sold out when you click on it! And it was a great price! $100, plus 15% off with bloomies card and $25 off with code style!

    I bought one at full price from zappos a while back and it was lovely but I returned because I wanted to hold out for a softy zip clutch instead.
  3. Thanks ladies. I am really excited to get mine. Do you happen to have pics of one full?