MbMJ turn lock hobo is here!! **PICS**

  1. Well it arrived on Tues/Wed and I've only just found the time to post pics.

    I love this bag, it's spacious, incredibly soft and squishy and has plenty of compartments for my bits and bobs.

    It's not as photogenic as the lighter coloured hobo (I think that was stone), but I'm afraid of dirt marks showing on the bag so black is better for me.

    I might do modeling pics some time in the future when I've lost 20 lbs, LOL.

    Turnlockhobo[1][1].1.JPG Turnlockhobo[1][1].2.JPG Turnlockhobo[1][1].3.JPG Turnlockhobo[1][1].4.JPG Turnlockhobo[1][1].5.JPG
  2. OOh! That is a hot bag!! Congrats!
  3. Thank you!
  4. congrats! :flowers: it is a very nice bag! i prefer darker colour or black bag too.
  5. I love this bag!! Congrats! It kind of reminds me of the sophia in the 2nd to last pic
  6. that's so cute!
  7. Wow loveeeeeeee it in black..yay congratulations!!
  8. nocturne76, Frances Bean, AbbeyParson and mjfan thank you all! I love this bag and can't stop feeling happy that I have it.
  9. I saw this at Nordies in 2 colors, Cordovan and Stone. The leather is so thick and soft! I agree, I would be afraid the Stone color would show dirt too easily. The Black is gorgeous. I love this bag. Congrats!
  10. The bag looks fabulous! congratulations!
    I was thinking of getting it in stone, but haven't seen it in real life... your thoughts about the light leather getting dirty have put me off a little :sad:

    How light is the stone? compared say to the Mouse stam leather?
  11. Oh that's a GREAT bag! Now you're making me want one!
  12. awesome purse!
  13. mjfan it is so thick and soft even my PHH appreciates that this type of leather isn't cheap.

    HYZE I ordered this from NM online so I haven't seen the stone bag in person, so I'm no help to you!

    mrqx2 and edes thank you and everyone for your appreciative comments. Now I need to cut the tags off and use the bag and not just play with it in the house!
  14. Great bag! It looks so touchable!!!
  15. congrats!! don't you just love that 'new bag' feeling!! :graucho: