MBMJ Totally Turnlock Bowler Insanity on Ebay

  1. Looks like a combination of shill bidding and a bidding war...

    It's hard to be certain that the MBMJ turnlock bags on eBay are real, because there are so many of them! This one looks convincing because of the blue interior and leather appears genuine. Maybe that's why it did so well... who knows?
  2. Agreed with thithi, looks like shill bidding and bidding war. I bought my MJ turnlock bowler from eBay only a few months ago for less than $300 too. Looks like it's gotten even more popular, or a couple people were that desperate for one.
  3. Makes me appreciate my MBMJ Turnlock Bowler more :love:. It's my only black bag and I love it!
  4. yeah, i agree that it looks very much like shill bidding!