MBMJ Totally Turklock Issues - Is this normal?

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  1. I just bought my first MBMJ bag. It is from the Totally Turnlock collection. I don't know the name but it is a small/medium sized bag that is a square shaped flap bag with a turnlock securing the flap.

    I haven't even worn it yet and I noticed the leather on the flap is peeling apart. There is a seal around the edges and the leather is peeling away from the seal. I also noticed this happen in the middle of the leather under the flap in what looks like started as a scratch. These aren't huge blemishes yet but they are concerning to me on a bag that hasn't been used. :crybaby:

    This was a bag from the back so it wasn't even a display bag. Yet I see so many issues with the bag as ti looks like it is already falling apart. I don't want to spend a few hundred on a bag that won't last.

    Has this been an issue with the Totally Turnlock bags or could this just be a defective bag.:confused1:

  2. Oh no! :sad: I'm sure it's just a defect on your bag, hopefully you'll be able to return it for a better one!
  3. Sounds like a defect. I carried my turnlock tina for all of Fall with no issues.

    Good luck.
  4. Glad to hear it sounds like a defect. I figured it probably was but there was another brand (not MBMJ) that had a lot of issues with its turnlock line recently. Made me nervous I may have gotten the brands mixed up.

    I went back to Nordies and exchanged it today. Luckily they till had another one. Yeah!
  5. Yay, I'm so glad it worked ou! :yahoo:

    If I remember correctly, it was the turnlocks on Coach bags which were breaking... but that was the hardware itself and not the leather.
  6. YES! My turnlock Teri one of the front pockets has a tare in it... so when i put stuff in it the stuff falls into the bag where i cannot find it sorry but his bags are made very cheaply.... almost all of my marc by marc bags fall apart even before 1 year
  7. OMG! Does anybody feel that way too? I havent had my MBMJ;s that long...I thought they were stellar quality, am I wrong?

  8. I'd like to know the answer to this too, but if any bag is heavily used the bag will show signs of wear and tear. I think go easy on your bags, alternate them and the bags will give you years of pleasure.
  9. Some mbmj bags are not as high quality as others and Marc Jacobs bags are generally higher quality than mbmj. The turnlock line is pretty high quality though, imo.
  10. Thank you!
  11. Sure. NP.


    It's really just a matter of comparing them in person. My MJ bag is lined with suede, but my mbmj is lined in cloth. My MJ has gold-plate hardware, my mbmj is some sort of mixed-brass. My mbmj needs to be conditioned, my mj is kept nude... etc.
  12. I only have one MBMJ bag from the turnlock line (the bowler which I bought last October) but I toss that thing around and it still looks great! I think/hope that any problems with them aren't common.
  13. i've been abusing my turnlock satchel since i got it and the leather still looks new. also have a turnlock clutch and it's also in perfect condition. i think it must be a defect with your bag because so far i am impressed with the quality of the leather of my m by mj bags.