MbMJ store in NYC on Bleecker Street - does anyone know

  1. if they still have the quilted totes and accessories?

    I know this is a long shot, but the store doesn't open until noon and I wanted to run down there when it first opens, but I wanted to make sure they are still carrying that stuff. On the website, it says you have to go to the store...

  2. Maybe you could call them?
  3. Yeah, I know. But they aren't open yet and not answering the phone, so if I wait for them to open to call them, and THEN go down there (it'll take at least a half hour), I'll be late getting back to work for a meeting I have...no biggie. I knew it was a long shot.
  4. They did at the beginning of this month.
  5. can you go after work? that's what i used to do :smile:
  6. I haven't been there but two of my friends went within the last week. They both bought the quilted totes (shiny black and shiny purple) and matching quilted wallets in the same color. I think it is listed under the Special Items on the Marc Jacobs site for about 20 something per wallet or so. Good luck! I hope you get it
  7. i was there on sunday and i saw a lot of the quilted accessories. goodluck :smile: