MBMJ Spring 2011...

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  1. ...When are these bag being sold at the stores/online? I have just seen the blog entry and i MUST have one of those bags!

    PS- Sorry if this is in the wrong section :blush:
  2. Was it definitely a Spring/Summer bag or could it have been Resort?
    (Do you know the style name and/or have a pic?)

    Resort bags are just now starting to come into stores and can be delivered anytime between now and December. Spring/Summer usually starts to be delivered after the first of the year, altho every once in a while, something may turn up earlier than that or as late as Feb.

    If you know the name of the bag and/or the family, it's possible to check with a SA from MbyMJ and see if they have more information regarding it's release/arrival into stores
  3. Hey, thankyou for your response, it was in the PurseBlog post stating "Spring 2011" so i don't know anymore than that...

    The bag is this one: [​IMG]

    I really need a vanilla bag and this one is perfect :biggrin::love::heart:

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  4. Bump! Still looking for this bag. Does anybody have any idea about when it will be released?
  5. They should be starting to arrive in stores I believe. I looked on NM, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks, BG, NAP and Harrods websites and they didn't have that handbag. Do you know its name? You could also call the MbMJ boutiques and see if the got the Spring 2011 bags yet.
  6. wow PG i didn't even know that was coming out! it really is pretty
  7. ^Thanks guys, i had a look on a few websites that sells MBMJ bags also and came up blank, i was starting to think that this bag really isn't being released after all, haha
  8. ^What? Are you sure?

    BTW, MJ's website is no longer putting up the pics of each season bags! I wish they did.
  9. ^Thank you NAS! When the site went up first, it wasn't there, but after they had fixed it a bit, they had it up, but I couldn't find it recently :shrugs: Thank you! :flowers:

    BTW, they don't have S/Su 11 handbags for MJ or MbMJ
  10. It took me a while to find it. ;)
  11. Shopbop has this purse: clicky :smile:
  12. ^yep, saw it on shopbop today!
  13. They had this one at Nordstrom's last night. So it's showing up in stores now.
  14. I just saw this Bianca satchel on ShopBop and I really like it! I love how this is like a simple lady-like option for a line like MbMJ. The straps remind me of the LV Solatine (discontinued), but I love this longer strap option! I hope a tPFer gets one and models it for us :graucho: