MBMJ spring 2008....

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  1. okok
    I really like these two bags - poppy and tote - from MBMJ spring 2008 collection. but these two haven't come out yet..
    plus, the white poppy is now in fall 2008 collection which confused me.
    do you think the stores are going to have these two out soon?

    here are the pictures i from the MBMJ website.

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  2. i don't keep up with mbmj as much, but if the styles are part of the spring collection, they should be out by now. anything listed under fall 2008 will be released at the end of july to mid-august.
  3. I find that there are always some bags that don't really get released.

    The Spring bags and accessories are still being released as of today actually, I found some new styles at Zappos just now!
  4. ^ that's cool. there's always something to keep you interested then. they should all be available at the boutiques though unless they've sold out. if they're not there, they'll be able to transfer it from another store for you or order it from the warehouse.
  5. mm.. i see i see
    thanks ladies:smile:
  6. I just ordered the Azalea color in the Plane Jane Sloane satchel from Neiman's. The color just pops on line, hope it looks just as good in person! I'll be sure to post pics when it arrives!! I've been wanting a red bag for so long now. Here is a pic:
  7. ^ I love the color too! Can't wait for your pics! I haven't seen this style except on NM so far