MBMJ Spring 2008 Teri Turnlock Tote: Selling like hotcakes!?

  1. If someone could enlighten me on this, I would really appreciate it. I usually take note of (turnlock) MBMJ stock from nearly all online retailers that carry the brand because IMO, MBMJ bags make some of the best gifts, as they are fabulously built with great leather and at a great price, and when there is a sale, I buy a few.

    That being said, I have noticed that the totally turnlock Teri tote has sold out of many online retailers. A few examples: Zappos quickly sold out of the mouse gray and black, shopbop has sold out of the black and mouse gray, and I think the acid yellow, Nordies is sold out all together online. I've never seen the stock of turnlock Teris sell so quickly! Last season, the black teri was readily available on Zappos, shopbop, and Nordstrom.com all through out the season.

    Why do you think this is? I am very curious to know.

    Any thoughts are appreciated!
  2. This is interesting. I didn't take note of that but there were tons of Teri's in store at Bloomies and Barneys here and hardly any turnlock Faridahs! There was only one turnlock Faridah in Bloomies and it was in acid yellow.
  3. When I first got interested in Marc Jacobs, the Teri was the first bag that I wanted from the handbag line. I don't know, I just loved the way the turnlocks looked (had never seen them before) and the size seemed great and after reading about how soft the leather was, I decided to buy it. Maybe the Teri sells quickly because it's a good bag that's fairly affordable and seems to capture the essence of the MbMJ line: cute but functional.
  4. Yes, Jira! I agree with you!
  5. mouse and black have been around for a bit now. they were a part of the resort release, so the stock just may be depleting? i know the mouse color was really popular and a few of the styles like the hobo sold out pretty quickly. the teri is a popular mbmj bag though. i'm not surprised that it's selling out quickly now that more people have caught onto it. i'm sure it helps that kirsten dunst has been pictured numerous times toting hers around l.a. for the past couple of weeks now too.
  6. This purse is so great to carry. With all the compartments and pockets, even all the junk I haul around is organized!
  7. I considered buying one because I think it's a great work bag. it's hard to find a MJ bag that is good for work and also this cute. Maybe that's why?

    I agree it's adorable!
  8. now i want one...you have all convinced me
  9. Yes.. turnlock teri is a great bag for everyday.
    I regret that I returned a black teri that I bought at $300.........
  10. I just returned a black on to zappos. While the shape is nice and it is a large bag that appears medium sized, it's a bit too "rugged" for my style. Its leather is very pebbly and the straps could be a tad longer. Nevertheless it's a sharp looking bag.
  11. i wonder if the teri comes in the new midnight color this season. i'm heading over to the mbmj store today. i'll report back if i find anything amazing.
  12. I bought it in firebird red the first year it came out and that year that was the hard color to find. I think it's about color.
  13. Last year I got the light (very light) grey one from Bloomingdales - I love the softness of the leather and the different compartments - I carry a lot - so the bag tends to sag in the spot where my wallet lies...however, I still love it - even though my jeans rubbed off on the corner of the bag -
    My mom loved the bag too - I was able to get her one from NM I think online - last year too - in the darker chalky color brownish/grey. She loves it !
  14. It's a great bag, that's probably why!

    I have a black one (from ShopBop) with the slightly longer handles, brass hardware, and smooth leather (f/w 2007 ?). Don't think I'd like it as much if it had very rugged leather though.

    No issues with stains or tears in the leather on mine. Seems very durable and easy to maintain.
  15. I am hoping to get one-
    Does the black come with silver or brass hardware.
    On ebay I have seen both-
    Also the handles and texture changes from season to season?
    Any info you have on this bag I would like. Or if I am in the wrong thread, please advise