mbmj softy zip clutch

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  1. hi everyone,

    i don't often post (i prefer to lurk), but i was wondering if someone could help me. i've been looking for the softy zip clutch in chalk. it was available on Zappos a little while back, but it has since sold out.

    i went to the mbmj accessories store on bleecker and the sales rep informed me that there is only one left in the entire company. it is in the los angeles store, but it is currently on hold until tomorrow. hopefully, i'll get it, but if not, i want to try to find the wallet elsewhere. i called all the major nyc department stores (Saks, bloomingdale's, Barney's, scoop, and bergdorf's) and none of them carries that particular style.

    have any of you ladies seen it during your shopping excursions? i know i should try calling neiman's and Nordstrom's, but if i can call a store i know that has it for sure, it would make my search a lot easier. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks! :yes:
  2. Good luck! I hope you get it.
  3. tadpolenyc--did you get it?? was it still on hold? I hope it's yours!
  4. actually, i cancelled the order with the mbmj store. i found it online at standardstyle.com. another member also had a coupon code, so i ended up getting 20% off and no tax! i can't wait to get it. i wanted the wallet because it matches the softy hobo i bought about a week ago. i'll take pics of both once the wallet arrives.
  5. Yay, happy ending!!
  6. yay!! congrats tadpolenyc! can't wait to see your pics when she arrives!
  7. wow what luck!! congrats! can't wait to see pics!!
  8. I actually have this clutch in chalk, in case anyone else is interested in finding it I got it about 2 months ago at a department store called Von Maur outside Chicago. I bought it also to go with the hobo, I love them both! My SA did say the ZC was the last one they had at the time.
  9. thanks for all the well wishes!

    monarch, that's what one of the reps in the new york store told me. she said that the one in the l.a. store was the last one in the entire company. i take everything the sales reps say with a grain of salt. i feel like i always have to ask at least three of them for some sort of consensus, and most of the time, i get three different answers.

    anyways, i'm glad you liked your bag and wallet. i'm excited to get mine. it should ship today, i think!