MBMJ Softy Zip Clutch Price Question... Is $100 shipped a deal?

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  1. I just bought a softy bag that I am waiting on to arrive in the mail.
    I know from experience that I love the zip clutch and can get one for just under $100. Should I bite, even though the budget is already stretched thin (and I could use this money that I got for my birthday from family to pay for past purchases)?

    What to do?!
  2. [​IMG]
    The bag on its way to me.

    The zip clutch in question.
  3. ohmygoshhhhhhhh i love BOTH YES grab the matching clutch! i am a true believer of having something inside that matches!
    i have my posh super k with the little pouchette inside
    and the behati nice tan and zip clutch inside
    etc etc
    GO FOR IT..you will be so happy and feel so great when you are coordinated!

    sell something to make up for it
    (i just listed my classic tote and several others so i can shop more! lol)
  4. :smile: Thanks! I should point out that only the styles, and not the colors match.

    But the black will go with my black turnlock teri and every other bag I own, just about.
  5. Thats a great price if it;'s brand new. I have seen the Softy sold on Ebay for around $100 or more! Go for it! it's so super soft
  6. Thanks for your encouragement and enabling! lol

  7. ^^ Holy cow good deal! and it's good to see you come 'round these parts again, lately! :yes:
  8. Yeah I haven't been able to stay away though I was trying to in an effort to spend less. That lasted longer than I expected! I can justify these new purchases because I just had a bday and have gift money!
    I totally agree... the more I hang out here the more bags I add to my Wishlist (and Ebay Watch List :Push:smile:
  10. its adorable! i love clutch bags! makes me wanna get one too! xoxo
  11. great deal! i got my first mbmj softy zc from standardstyle too with a coupon code. congrats!
  12. congrats jess! and a happy belated birthday! i love that little extra bday cash that justifies purchases for like 6 months. hahaha.
  13. great deal!
    you're gonna LOVE that bag, btw--i use mine more than any other!
  14. Happy Belated bday!!!!!
    I think you made a good choice!