MbMJ Softy Totes???

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  1. Does anyone have the MbMJ Softy "Poppy" tote in any color? How is the size and is it comfortable, big enough to fit files, notebooks?

    Also, are there any of the old Softy totes still out there? I'm not sure if it's just called "Softy Tote" or "Softy Shopper" or what the official name is because I've seen called many things.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Someone else has another thread that's asking the same question. yes.please mentioned that it's on sale at Bloomies once you put it in your shopping cart!

    And the correct name is Softy Tote in either Poppy or Black (Poppy is just the name of the color!) There have been Softy totes in the past, I would say around Fall 2006 or so, but it looked nothing like this one!