MbMJ Softy Max!!

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  1. I just won a gorgeous softy max in meringue on eBay!!! I hope this doesn't go sour like last time I used eBay. This time I asked the seller for pictures of the bag from every angle I could think of and maximized them. The bag looks immaculate I'm so excited I've been looking for a yellow bag for so long. And not a taxi cab or mustard yellow, a pale muted yellow like meringue. I'll post pics when she arrives!! :yahoo:
  2. wow!! congrats Frances Bean!!

    I can't wait to see pics!!
  3. Heheh, I was watching that very same bag! Congratulations! I was considering bidding but I already have one in Tea Leaf. Please post pics, Im excited to see how it looks on you!
  4. PS...what happened "last time" ?
  5. ^^ yeah I saw your tea leaf, it's really pretty!! Well last time I won a venetia in stark white. It appeared to be in pristine condition and I asked the seller if it had any stains or flaws to which she replied no. When I got the bag there were 3 conspicous stains and she claimed they must have got there during shipment. But when I looked at the pictures of the auction more closely, you could just barely make out the stains. She refused to refund me at first, but I got every penny back and swore off ebay. The fraud recently sold the bag under a different user name and described the flaws as "minor but hardly noticable". HA. She said absolutely no refunds unless it's an authenticity issue. I feel bad for the poor girl that got it.

    ANYWAY I looked at all of the previous auctions of the seller of the softy max. If she put anything up for sale that was flawed she said so, described the flaws, AND posted pictures of them. She seems pretty trust worthy. She said the max was perfect and I scrutinized every picture 10x over so I'm pretty confident!
  6. Good for you! I freaking hate Ebay...but I love it too. LOL
    Let me know how the Softy Max works for you. Its my fave bag...youre gonna love the little "secret-side-slit" pockets on the front of each pocket on the sides.
  7. It's here and IT'S FLAWLESS!!!! I'm sooo happy. I'll post pics later.
  8. Post pictures... Congrat on your flawless purchase..
    I love Softy!!! I recently got one too... i am still hiding it in the closet..
  9. OOoh I cant wait to see! I love my softy max...the pockets, the shape, everything! What does your lining look like..mines a cute aqua and navy print