MbMJ - Softy Faridah Handbag??

  1. I'm thinking about buying the MbMJ Softy Faridah Handbag but I can't seem to find it anywhere in the stores so I can check it out in person. I was wondering if any of you all own it and what you guys think about it. The only thing I'm worried about is the bag being too big. From the dimensions that I see on Shopbop.com it seems like it could be a little bit on the larger side. I'm just wondering if it fits comfortably under your arm?? Anyone have comments about this bag?? :confused1: thanks!
  2. I have the exact same concern. I :heart: the look of this bag, but I am a little bit worried about the size. Any comments ladies?
  3. I absolutely LOVE this bag! I own it in chalk and camouflage. It is a little bit on the larger side, but I like bigger bags, so I don't find the size to be overwhelming at all. There are so many pockets, so it is GREAT for keeping you organized. It fits very comfortably on the shoulder. I've gotten tons of compliments on it! HTH!
  4. I have it in chalk too. Big enough that I used it for a handbag/carryon for vacation and fit a change of clothes in it.

    It is a big bag, but you don't have to fill it. Great soft leather and it does fit under your arm.
  5. i've seen this bag a few times now while walking around in nyc. it catches my eye everytime. it's such a great looking bag! it doesn't seem too big to me. like others, i prefer larger bags. i always carry magazines or shoes to change into once i get to work. the faridah seems to be the perfect size. i love the leather of the softy line too. it's so supple and smooshy!
  6. The only thing that bugs me about my Faridah is that I have the chamoise color, and my jeans tend to rub off near the bottom of the bag. I would avoid chalk and the lighter colors because the bag is so slouchy down to the hip. but i love it!!!
  7. what would you say is the best deal to get on this bag and where? i am drooling over it!
  8. Thank you so much for your feedback ladies - the more I look at it the more I have to have this bag! It is going to have to wait until payday, but I think I see the bag in my future... :graucho:
  9. Thanks for the responses!! I think you guys have convinced me! :yes: