MBMJ Softy Carryall

  1. CUTE! I think it came in a brown too. I just got the :heart:Softy Max satchel in tea leaf with a nice code that brought it down to 200 and change:wlae:

    Nice soft leather. Not as supersoft as the Teri line but very nice and a definite keeper. I assume the Max is same leather as Softy. Max fit over my shoulder where the Teri shopper did not-returned that.
  2. I had ordered it in black. It was kind of bulky to me and I returned it. It's cute, just not the best style for me.
  3. Thanks for your replies kitskats and WCLC. :smile:

    So it also comes in brown and black - good to know. I'm after a black/burgundy bag, and have been tossing up between the Softy and a Tods T bag.

    WCLC where did you order your black one from?
  4. There's also a bronze-ish color, it's really pretty in person!

    I've tried this on in the store and absolutely loved it. However I picked something from the totally turnlock line and when I went back to get this bag, it was gone :crybaby:

    It's a great medium size bag!
  5. Klucelg -- Sorry for not replying sooner. I had ordered mine from Active Endeavors and used a 20% code. At one time, they had black, brown, and blue.
  6. I'm thinking I'm too late to get one in black. When did you see it in store?

    I'm heading to the MJ store on Fillmore St (SF) tomorrow to see if they have any there.
  7. Thanks hun. As usual, I missed the bandwagon on the bag AND discount. :sad: Must subscribe to these places!
  8. Well, I went into the Sf store on Fillmore St, hoping to see it in person (in any color). But they didn't have any. They did have the turnlock bowler in black which I nearly bought. :smile: