MBMJ Softy Carryall

  1. After selling my wallets, I was feeling a bit MJ deprived, so I decided to get this instead! I LOVE it :smile: :smile:

    The color's not very accurate in my pictures, but would you guys happen to know what color it is? It's a pretty teal, greenish blue color. Thanks so much!
    ca1.JPG ca2.JPG
  2. I could be wrong but I think the color of your bag is the same as my bag. I have been trying to find out the color too. Both styles are discontinued! I dont think it is Carbon Blue, nor do I think it is the Ocean or Blue Jean colors:shrugs: ....
  3. yeah the colors look potentially the same! but yup definitely not ocean or carbon blue cuz i've owned things in both of those colors. :sad:
  4. i think it is carbon blue too. used to have the carbon blue teri and it looks the same.
  5. I have that bag- it's carbon blue. It's my favorite :smile: I use it all the time because it's so roomy.
  6. whoa. hmm. if that's the carbon blue, then what's this color?
  7. er, here's the actual attachment...
    Marc Jacobs 010.jpg
  8. That is a fabulous bag. I absolutely love the color. I've seen carbon blue on a different MBMJ bag and it is so nice. Congratulations and enjoy it.
  9. Congrats! Where did you find this bag?

  10. Ahhh... Carbon blue Teri!!
    Did you just recently sell it? I've been looking for one for AGES!! :sad:
  11. Yet another bag I love but cannot find anywhere!!! Congrats!
  12. I actually go it on eBay, and there've been a few more since I got mine.

    I originally planned to use it for school, but it's a bit too heavy for that. I'm a lit major so I have to carry a lot of books with me to class. Add that to the usual load AND the gorgeous leather...yeah it's a bit too much. The bag is a nice size for longer days out and stuff though.
  13. You know what? I thought about it and I think both your bag and mine are the blue jean color. I'll do some investigating and post back!
  14. Here's a picture of a softy ZC i found in blue jean on eBay. It does look like ours! (strange because i would never label the bag's color as anything remotely "blue jean"esque!)

  15. Hmm youre right! I just took a peek at the auction; it is a super cute clutch but that price is kind of steep for a used clutch. So... you think your bag is the "blue jean" color, for sure? Im still not sure about mine. The seller called it Ocean Blue (Which Im pretty sure it is not), I think it kind of looks like the Blue Jean...but all in all, im not sure.