MbMJ Sale At Holt Renfrew

  1. For all MbMJ lovers in Canada!

    Saw some really great MbMJ mark down at the Calgary store this morning! A few Classic Q Hiller ($269), Fran and Ukita on sale!!! They normally don't mark those down! The best deal is a light pink Petal to the Metal Natasha for $269!!! Didn't get anything for myself cuz I am on a ban. Also on sale: some laptop sleeves and cosmetics pouch.

    I am sure there are some other great deals at the stores across the country! Good luck everyone! :smile:
  2. That's awesome thank you for sharing, I will have to call HR here tomorrow :smile:
  3. You guys are so lucky, I always hear about the awesome deals at the Calgary store! The vancouver HR was pretty bare sale-wise on monday :cry:
  4. Went to the the yonge/bloor Holts yesterday. They had a bunch of accessories and seasonal colour bags on sale. Saw a pink lil Ukita for $269 and a yellow Natasha for $209. There were also brown PTTM coin pouches for I think $59 or $59. Walked away empty handed.
  5. oops, totally forgot to drop by Holts today after work...just can't stand the Stampede crowd :sad: but I'm fine for now, just got my FA Ukita delivered woot!
  6. Aww, I was in the Calgary Holt this time last year :o( wish I was there now to look at those sale items!

    I've got the chance to get a black PTTM Natasha for £225 ($350) and thinking it's a pretty good deal considering they're normally around £345 ($537) - should I get it???:confused1:

    Can't decide if the lack of magnet on the main flap will be annoying or not...everyone seems to like theirs...
  7. Was just there today and they have added a few laptop sleeves and bags! No bags from the classic Q line though :[
  8. There are a couple Fran's in hazelnut for 289 today if anyone wants one. Also a Natasha pttm in shell
  9. I was there yesterday and I didn't see anything. Regardless I would not have bought anything anyway since I just bought one a few days ago.