MbMJ Saddle Bags


Which MbMJ Saddle bag do you like?

  1. Turnlock Saddle Bag

  2. Softy Saddle Bag

  3. Lovely Saddle Bag

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I've been looking for a small bag for such a long time. I've been an oversized bag girl for the longest time and I'm looking for a transition! Since I can't seem to find the Topaz baby Stam, I think I'm going to setting for a saddle bag!

    Which one do you like the most?

    Turlock Posh Saddle Bag

    Softy Saddle Bag

    Lovely Saddle Bag

    I'm somewhat leaning towards the last one because it has 4 separate compartments! (I'm a sucker for compartments in bags! :p) But all of them look great - which one would you buy?

    Have anyone seen any of these bags on sale anywhere??
  2. i voted for the lovely saddle bag. i like how it looks the best. the color is great too.
  3. the lovely saddle bag got my vote as well. the lovely line is too cute :love:
  4. I ordered the Lovely Saddle Bag in Nice Tan @ NM for $258!! :yahoo:

    Thanks for your input everyone!
  5. Lovely Saddle!!