MbMJ Runway Turnlock Posh Super K

  1. Hello everyone

    Does anyone think the MbMJ Runway Turnlock Posh Super K bag is too large for a short person? (I'm 5 ft 2 in and medium/large build)

    BTW I love large bags and since I have two under fives I need a large bag to carry wipes, snacks and my own stuff etc.

    Here is a link to eluxury:



  2. I say if you like it that is all that matters!!:yes::girlsigh:
  3. I agree with Muggles - if you like it, if fits your needs, and isn't too cumbersome for you, then go for it! :yes:
  4. These days everyone's carrying such huge bags that sometimes it seems the bigger, the better. As long as you think you look good with the bag, it doesn't get in your way, and it doesn't hurt your back, then go for it!
  5. WOW! That bag looks gorgeous! I'm like 5'1 and a quarter...I'd rock that bag! As long as you like it, that's all that matter! The color is so pretty!!
  6. I don't think that's too big. Big bags are everywhere & needed sometimes - I'm short too (5'2) - and that size isn't all that big. If you love it go for it!
  7. i thought this bag was absolutely gorgeous... until i saw it in person. it is much larger than the photos make it look and it has a very strange compartment area, with a bunch of different sections with the main one being very shallow. there was another thread about this. i was really disappointed when i saw it at Saks, i was ready for a new bag to throw around and i thought this one might be perfect. i would definately recommend seeing it irl and checking out the sections and see if your still into it. its not the size- i love a big bag myself- but all in all i thought it didnt live up to its elix photo :sad:
  8. I've tried this bag on, and I don't think its too big. My problem is that the interior is divided into four compartments by separators in the lining that make it kind of less functional, in my opinion. I don’t think you could fit a magazine or file folder into it, for instance.

  9. I :heart: that you superimposed lines on it for us! :yahoo: That was awesome!

  10. Thanks for your opinions everyone! I adore the bordeaux and I am desparate to buy a functional bag in this colour (and apart from the size) I was curious about the interior. Thanks yes.please and Cosmopolitan for your input. I will have to think hard about ordering it now.
  11. Good luck! :flowers: I love bordeaux too, and it is a pretty bag. Its just that the compartments were a dealbreaker for me.
  12. cosmo... i know even after i saw your drawing, i was like " i must see it" and that middle compartment is soooo shallow. oh well.
  13. May be I should hold out and wait and see what MbMJ comes up with in bordeaux next season??