MBMJ Reveal!

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  1. Hello Ladies! after eyeing Francesca for a year I finally took the plunge and purchased her! She is my personal purse and is just absolutely divine. The leather is smooth like butter baybaaay and she is extremely spacious. I never used to like MBMJ bags, but they're growing on me.. I also splurged on a What's the T Tote and I absolutely love it!

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  2. Congrats on your purchases... i love mbmj , the leather is seriously amazing and holds up so well
  3. I have been eyeing that same what's the t tote but in black and the one in yellow at the mall yesterday... What's the size of that purse ?
    It's nice and functional. Congrats :smile:
  4. Model pic for what's the t tote please. I like that purse too.
  5. The purse is medium/on the verge of being large in my opnion, it fits quite a lot of stuff. I use it at university when I have 1-2 lectures and it can hold a folder, 2 notebooks plus my wallet, make-up bag and water with room to spare. It is super light too and the leather is gorgeous.

    Will do, but could you just bare with me please I am quite busy at the moment! X
  6. Thanks for the reply. Can you share your opinion about my thread on MBMJ bag ?
  7. I love your cat hand sanitizer holder, haha, :smile: