MBMJ Quinn or Faridah?

  1. Quinn or Faridah? Which one do you prefer?

    Help me to decide, please!
  2. Faridah
  3. I like the Faridah better too. The quinn is big and boxy, but it will hold a lot if that's what you are looking for. I like the slouch of the Faridah more. What colors are you looking at?
  4. Well, I'm looking for a mouse grey bag ... but I think this colour is becoming harder and harder to be found!
  5. Thanks, kitcat! I really appreciate your help! Checking Neiman Marcus this morning I saw a Quinn in mouse grey, but, checking again later, it simply disappeared!

    But, unfortunately, all the places that have a Quinn or a Faridah bag in mouse grey don't ship internationally! The exception is Neiman Marcus: I've already bought a Teri tote in camouflage green there (ordering on line).
  6. faridah!
  7. Quinn has a zip closure, right? And what about Faridah? A magnet closure?
  8. I kinda like the Quinn more than the Faridah. But I think they're both really cute, you can't go wrong with either.
  9. I'm longing for one of them ... in grey mouse!
  10. Depends what you're looking to use it for. If you just want an everyday bag I'd say go with the faridah. If you're looking for more of a tote for work or school to hold files or books then go with the quinn.
  11. My vote is for Faridah! I like think Quinn is a little too boxy for my liking. Good luck, though!
  12. i vote faridah! the quinn is really nice though.