MbMJ price question

  1. Is it difficult to get Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags on sale? Other than the Silvie hobo and the logo print hobo that appear on the BG/NM websites and a couple of bags that appear on eLUX, I haven't seen these bags on sale. TIA
  2. Some of the MMJ's sell out (some of the totally turnlock line for example). I have seen some MMJ's on sale on the sites you mentioned--not just the 2 styles, but others as well. My memory is awful so I can't recall which ones. Maybe others can help.
  3. Yeah, I can't think of any other specific styles that have gone on sale recently but they do go on sale here and there on all of the regular websites. It's hard to predict though, and usually the styles that I like are the ones that everyone else likes too like the turnlock bowler.

    I think that if you don't have a specific style in mind and you keep an eye out you'll find markdowns but if there's something you have your heart set on (especially if you want a specific color) then it's definitely worth it to pay retail.
  4. boxermom, kmroboto: Thank you for the advice on MbMJ. I guess with the lower price points and cute designs, not many good styles make it to the sale. Oh my, I'm actually going to have to pay retail!:smile:
  5. We're so conditioned to wait for a sale or expect a discount--I'm the same way. The MMJ's are really a bargain, I think (a few years ago I'd never have said a $400 bag is a bargain:nuts: ) for the leather, styling, and some of them do pretty well on resale.