MBMJ posh turnlock hobo

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  1. Hi there, MJ virgin here :nuts: Saw this bag on net-a-porter.com:


    Totally in love with the style and was wondering if it comes in different colours? Couldn't find very much online... I am in the UK so any help in finding it much appreciated.

    Thanks :yahoo:

    Lauren x
  2. Hi, and welcome!

    I think this bag comes in indigo (navy blue) and mint. I really like the indigo. I think Selfridges have the yellow and indigo
  3. I think it comes in a neutral (?mouse) too. I love it, especially the chain.
  4. comes in indigo too!
    i'm thinking of getting one as well :smile:
  5. Oooh indigo sounds lovely, like the sound of the neutral to :smile: anyone know if they are available online anywhere in the UK? x
  6. Oh thats pretty! I've seen a picture of the indigo and really liking that. Can't seem to find it on any UK websites though - Harvey Nichols have the posh hobo without the chain in indigo but i think the chain really adds something to it x